Kathryn H. Martin

Litigation Manager

Greenville divorce lawyer Kathryn H. Martin was exposed to the impact divorce can have on families before she ever started law school. Prior to law school, Ms. Martin worked as a Guardian ad Litem in Winston Salem, N.C. There, she saw firsthand the effects divorce has on children.

Her interest was sparked, and getting the opportunity to help families through such a challenging process is what led Ms. Martin to hone her focus on practicing family law exclusively.

“Family law provides the opportunity to practice law in a challenging, but more importantly rewarding area of law,” Ms. Martin said.

Ms. Martin considers herself a stickler for detail, and that gives her an advantage as she prepares to represent clients in court.

“I am a diligent, knowledgeable, and compassionate family law attorney,” Ms. Martin said.

When Ms. Martin first meets with a client, she follows a routine in order to comfort them about the difficulties they’ll potentially face during the divorce process. First, she acknowledges the challenges that lie ahead. Then, she lets them know they’ll have a passionate and focused attorney in their corner through the entire process.

“I assure my clients that I understand that they are going through a difficult time,” Ms. Martin said, “and that it could potentially be an overwhelming and trying process, but I am an advocate for them that will get them through their case and I will work hard to achieve the best possible outcome.”