Josiah Silverstein

Litigation Attorney

Greenwood Village divorce attorney Josiah Silverstein has a passion for helping people, especially families. As a father of two, he understands how important it is to maintain the father-child bond both during and after the divorce process.

“Divorcing a spouse does not and should not mean the end of a client’s relationship with their children,” Mr. Silverstein said.

Mr. Silverstein believes that listening carefully to the client is one of the most important traits that a family law attorney can possess.

“Attorneys act as the voice of their clients throughout a case,” he said. “To be the most effective communicator and litigator, an attorney must first know the client’s case inside and out. Carefully listening to the client is the most effective way to gain this knowledge.”

The divorce process can be difficult and emotional. No matter the length of the marriage, the number of children involved, or the assets to be divided, passions in divorces typically run deep.

“While I cannot promise that we will be able to achieve everything that a client would like to get out of a divorce, I can promise that I will be a committed attorney who will leave nothing on the table,” Mr. Silverstein said.