Giana M. Messore

Litigation Manager

Divorce can be the toughest experience an individual ever goes through in their life.

It can change everything. It impacts your finances, affects your living situation, and can even threaten the relationship you have with your children.

The fact that the stakes are so high is why Little Rock divorce attorney Giana M. Messore chooses to practice family law.

“Through my various experiences practicing law, I have seen that this is one area where individuals truly need a strong, knowledgeable advocate,” Ms. Messore said.

Most divorces involve a lot of emotional highs and lows. Ms. Messore can’t promise that the process will always go smoothly, but she is committed to advocating for her client’s rights to make sure their perspective is fairly represented.

“All legal processes can be long and challenging with unexpected twists,” she said. “I am very organized and I am up for any challenge.”