Eric R. Wead

Litigation Attorney

Dublin divorce attorney Eric R. Wead grew up with divorced parents. He understands the struggle and stress that are associated with custody and visitation.

“I want to ensure that families can have a succession plan in place to ensure that the well-being of the children is not being overlooked,” Mr. Wead said. “I have a passion for advocating for the little ones.”

Due to his own upbringing, Mr. Wead is able to relate to clients. He understands that growing up with divorced parents is difficult and knows the concerns associated with the process.

“I can relate to the individuals that I advocate for and understand the concerns associated with a divorce, legal custody, or visitation matter,” he said. “Having someone on your side always makes the process a little easier.”

Mr. Wead always is an advocate for the best interests of his clients and their children. He always keeps an open mind and looks for the best way to achieve his client’s goals.

“I will always be open and upfront with your case,” he said. “My goals are to guide you along the way to obtaining the results you desire. In doing so, I will lay out all options and ensure that you are updated on your legal matters.”