Eiko C. Harris

Senior Litigation Attorney

When Memphis divorce attorney Eiko C. Harris was in college, her goal was to become a criminal prosecutor. However, an experience serving as Guardian ad Litem while in law school led her to a different track.

During that experience, she realized she could use her passion for being an advocate by making a difference to ensure children live and thrive in a safe, stable, and positive domestic environment.

Ms. Harris’ legal background is extremely diverse, but no practice area has enabled her to make such a direct and dramatic difference in the lives of her clients as family law.

“Family issues touch every culture, race, sex, and religious denomination,” Ms. Harris said.

Ms. Harris, who is a native of Queens, NY,  is a clear communicator and makes sure that each of her clients understands that they have an advocate in their corner they can count on through all the peaks and valleys of the divorce process.

“I let them know that we are a team and that creates an atmosphere of trust and accountability that is needed to reach a desirable resolution to their case,” Ms. Harris said. “I strive to be a good communicator at all times.”

A divorce or child custody case is often the most difficult experience an individual ever faces. Ms. Harris makes it her goal to do everything within her power to make sure her clients reach a fair settlement while making the process as smooth as possible.

“I want to ensure that my client’s voice is heard because their rights matter,” Ms.  Harris said. “It is always my desire to make the most complex and contentious situations less stressful and more manageable by providing legal services that are matched in professionalism and excellence.”