Dena R. Rando

Senior Litigation Attorney

Boston divorce attorney Dena R. Rando enjoys that every family law case is unique and presents its own challenges. While other areas of law can be very transactional, family law touches the most intimate and important aspects of people’s lives – and the details matter.

“Where particular facts and circumstances vary in every given case, the opportunity to make creative and compelling arguments are ample,” Ms. Rando said. “At the end of the day, we are seeking fair results that our clients can feel good about.”

Ms. Rando is a people person and helping people comes naturally to her. She believes it is so important to truly get to know clients and to earn their trust and confidence.

“I try to make myself as available as possible to my clients,” she said. “I am also extremely detail-oriented, thorough, and attentive – traits that are especially useful when it comes to ensuring fairness in negotiations.”

For many people facing divorce or family-law-related issues, it is one of the most difficult times in their lives. You can rest assured that you have a passionate advocate working tirelessly on your behalf in Ms. Rando.

“You can count on me to always listen carefully and provide thoughtful honest advice,” she said.