Christle Jones

Litigation Attorney

At the age of 13, Peoria divorce attorney Christle Jones attended the adoption proceeding for two children her mother fostered. Judge Christopher Foley, who presided over the hearing, invited her to the bench to bang the gavel, finalizing the adoption. It was in this moment she decided she wanted to practice law because she realized its power and the power that lies in a judge’s decision.

“In my case, it was the power to decide my brothers’ family, fate, and future,” Ms. Jones said.

After law school, she immediately began her career as a Guardian ad Litem, advocating for the best interests of children in child abuse and neglect cases. In this experience, she saw children overcome trauma when they had the opportunity to have the presence of two, healthy parents in their lives.

“I believe the same is true in issues of custody and divorce,” she said.