Christina Diaz

Senior Litigation Attorney

Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney Christina Diaz practices family law because she feels it is an area of law where she can truly make a difference by helping families transition through what is typically a very difficult time.

Ms. Diaz doesn’t take a passive approach with her client. She takes the time to genuinely understand what is going on in their life so that she can best represent their interests.

“If I understand the issues my client may be facing at home, it really helps me try to find a solution for them,” Ms. Diaz said.

Divorce is unpredictable, and Ms. Diaz can’t guarantee the outcome of any case. But she is completely committed to walking her client through each step of the process while fighting for their rights along the way.

“The process may not be easy at times, but I will always consider your best interest and provide guidance to the best course of action,” she said. “I will be honest with you and work diligently to try and resolve the matter for you.”

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