Chip Adkins

Litigation Attorney

Boise divorce attorney Chip Adkins pursued a career in family law because it is the type of practice where no two cases are similar, for no two people are the same.

“This nature within family law forces me to adapt and improve constantly to be the best attorney possible for my clients,” Mr. Adkins said.

Patience may be Mr. Adkins’ defining quality and is his most important trait when it comes to practicing law.

“Family law usually involves meeting with clients at some of the darkest times in their life,” he said. “Patience is necessary to understand and then help the client through these times.”

The one thing Mr. Adkins always tells his clients when they first meet is to never base any decision on what happened in someone else’s case.

“Between evolving facts, nuanced perspectives, and varied judges, no two cases will ever be the same,” he said.