Chantal Crawley

Litigation Attorney

When Austin divorce attorney Chantal Crawley was in law school, she witnessed a Supreme Court case in which a father who was about to be deployed to Iraq lost custody of his child because he did not understand the legal system in Oklahoma. Ms. Crawley knew it was wrong for this man to lose custody just because he did not fully comprehend the law.

“Sadly, the U.S. Supreme Court decided in favor of the couple who had adopted his child, without his consent while he was in Iraq,” Ms. Crawley said. “I did not believe this was just and I thought it was unfair for him and his daughter.”

That injustice is what motivated her to pursue a career in family law.

Ms. Crawley is friendly and can explain complex legal terms to those who have not been afforded the opportunities in life to allow them to understand the complex legal system.

“Generally, my clients have always been thankful that I take the time to explain these concepts to them in various ways until they can understand,” she said.

When she first meets with clients, Ms. Crawley explains that the process may seem daunting and complicated at the outset, but she assures them that she will take the time to explain all the steps. She is also an attorney who is always willing to answer any questions they have.

“Lastly, I would ask them to expect that there may be lots of negotiations, but that we will work together to get the best possible outcome of a troubling situation,” she said.

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