Benjamin Redleaf

Lead Litigator

Dallas divorce attorney Benjamin Redleaf enjoys family law because he feels like he is truly able to help people who need it.

“I love being able to shepherd someone through a difficult period in their life and help them start the next chapter,” Mr. Redleaf said.

Mr. Redleaf is a results-oriented litigator and is always invested in achieving as much of a positive outcome for his clients as possible. He always tells his clients that he views himself as being in the customer service business and he practices law with that in mind.

“I  believe that providing great customer service in family law means developing a strategy with the client to achieve their goals in as an efficient manner as possible, making myself as available to my clients as they need, and being frank and honest with my clients about their case,” he said. “Going through a divorce or child custody issue can be a difficult and emotionally trying time. I want my clients to feel like they are not alone in the process and that they have someone they can count on to try and help them however I can.”