Anthony Paolini

Litigation Attorney

Mount Laurel divorce attorney Anthony Paolini is a child of divorce and he understands the impact it can have on a family, specifically from a father’s perspective. That experience guides his approach to practicing family law.

“I understand the balance of being an advocate in court, but being compassionate when dealing with clients,” Mr. Paolini said.

Mr. Paolini’s job as an attorney is to make this difficult time as smooth a transition as possible for his clients.

“As an attorney, my job is to make sure the client is not surprised at any point during the process and that they are always updated,” he said.

Mr. Paolini has devoted his career as a law clerk and attorney to understanding and becoming an experienced family law attorney. This, coupled with his own personal encounter with divorce, allows him to be a strong advocate while also balancing the emotional and personal side of a divorce or case.