Aaron Lamberty

Senior Litigation Attorney

The legal field is often seen as a cold, calculated place with no room for emotion or empathy. Yet, when it comes to family law, emotion and empathy are essential to achieving a successful resolution. Families and relationships can be complex; add in the task of navigating a complicated legal process and suddenly your world can feel overwhelming, if not debilitating.

“Practicing family law allows me to fight for clients and their interests by understanding each individual personally and identifying legal options so they can move forward to a more positive solution,” said Milwaukee divorce attorney Aaron Lamberty.

Mr. Lamberty takes pride in his ability to identify the root issues underlying each individual’s personal situation while striking a balance between logic and emotion. Finding this balance is crucial to achieving client satisfaction and obtaining a successful outcome when navigating legal matters in family law.

“I empower individuals to find a resolution to their current issues while keeping in mind their family relationships don’t end the day a case is finalized,” he said.

A successful outcome looks different to every person Mr. Lamberty meets. Through interaction and discussion, he helps identify ways to realistically achieve each client’s idea of success. He values transparency and honesty and is always straightforward when discussing legal options.

“My experience working for the state as well as my time with the judiciary provides me with a unique understanding of how to best manage and litigate each individual’s case as we proceed through the legal process” he said. “I want each individual to understand their voice is heard and know I will work tirelessly to try to achieve a desired outcome.”