Men's Divorce PodcastCordell & Cordell is continuing to produce an ongoing podcast series answering some of the most commonly asked questions concerning the Coronavirus pandemic’s impact on family law matters.

On the latest episode, Cordell & Cordell CEO/Managing Partner Scott Trout and Chesterfield divorce attorney William Halaz III break down the potential ramifications on child support and alimony payments.

With much of the country facing stay-at-home orders, many businesses are being forced to lay off or furlough employees. What happens if you face a major financial setback due to the virus but are still facing child support and alimony payments each month?

Mr. Trout and Mr. Halaz discuss these topics and more so that guys understand what they are up against and what they can do to protect themselves and their family.

In addition to frequent podcasts, Cordell & Cordell is hosting a free weekly webinar series about COVID-19 and divorce. If you miss the live version of the webinar, you can view past recordings on the Cordell & Cordell YouTube channel.

Click the link above to listen to the full episode. Also make sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or whichever podcast app you prefer.

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