alimonyIn a recent article published on Fatherly, Cordell & Cordell Executive/Managing Partner, CEO Scott Trout discussed some of the biggest mistakes men make when it comes to negotiating alimony.

The process for determining the amount of alimony, or spousal maintenance, a breadwinner spouse makes varies by state. With all the emotional trauma off the divorce process, it is easy to make a mistake during the negotiating process leaving guys with alimony payments that are higher than is necessary.

Mr. Trout emphasized the importance of seeking input from outside experts such as vocational rehabilitationists and accountants.

“Dads, and even their attorneys, overlook the need for at least two experts in every case that deals with significant alimony payments,” Mr. Trout said. “They’re an integral piece of not only minimizing the impact but perhaps even trying to prevent the award of alimony.”

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