Men's Divorce PodcastCordell & Cordell Managing Partner/CEO Scott Trout is joined by Cordell & Cordell attorneys Tammy Repaso and William Halaz to discuss the ins and outs of mediation and how it can be beneficial to your case.

They describe how formal or informal mediation can be an avenue to a settlement or an avenue to information (0:52); how mediation is not a replacement for representation (2:43); the advantages of informal mediation (6:20); the importance of preparation before mediation (7:00); understanding the mediator’s role in the process (7:53); the importance of understanding the laws of the state as they pertain to the case (12:47); how a client’s goals determine a good deal from a bad deal (15:22); the importance of getting everything in writing (20:34); what misconceptions there are regarding mediation (26:30); and the impact of hiding assets (33:10) and more.

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