Cordell & Cordell Brings Fight For Fathers' Rights To The UK

Cordell & Cordell Brings Fight For Fathers’ Rights To The UK

CCUK_Logo_stacked_white_gray_backgroundWe are pleased to announce the UK launch of international family law solicitors Cordell & Cordell. This is a momentous occasion for the millions of fathers, dads, and husbands across the country.

Cordell & Cordell specializes in men’s divorce and dads’ and fathers’ rights, and hopes to build on its success in the United States. 

What started off as a general law practice with a focus on men’s divorce and family law has grown into a leading family law firm with over 100 offices across the United States. It now has its first office in the UK.

Although there are many family law solicitors around, Cordell & Cordell offers a unique service from which men can benefit.

Co-founder Joseph Cordell has stated, “Men are still unfairly represented in family courts in the UK. We recognized the need for this service back in 1990, so it’s great to expand the business and help more fathers, dads, and husbands in need of advice and representation.”

There is still a perception in the UK that mothers play a more significant role than fathers. According to a recent YouGoy survey, one in 10 Britons (9%) believes that the mother should have the most rights over the custody of their child. Whereas only 2% said that the father should have more rights over their child’s custody.

However, 84% say both parents deserve equal custody rights; 85% say fathers are instrumental to child’s life.

Mr. Cordell continued, “Our goal is to bridge the gender gap that has been part of family law for too long now.”

Cordell & Cordell’s London branch is open for business from today, with more branches planned for the future.

A spokesperson from the new Cordell & Cordell London branch commented on the launch: “The launch of the London office is a fantastic opportunity for the firm to make a real difference and balance out the representation of men in the UK.”

The solicitors at Cordell & Cordell provide a wealth of essential advice for men and fathers at any stage of their divorce or custody battle.

Cordell & Cordell’s London office is located at:

88 Kingsway
London WC2B 6AA

For more information about Cordell & Cordell’s UK office, vist

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