logo-huffington-postAn alimony case in Nebraska successfully argued by a Cordell & Cordell attorney that the law had to be gender blind should serve as a wake-up call to men that asking for alimony should not be shameful or undignified, Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joseph Cordell writes in his most recent Huffington Post divorce column.

In “Why Don’t More Men Ask For Alimony?”, Mr. Cordell argues part of the problem with only 3 percent of men receiving alimony is that guys refuse to ask for it.

“Our attorneys have found guys believe asking for alimony is perceived as a sign of weakness, further emasculating them in a relationship that was already lopsided and broken,” Mr. Cordell writes. “If the roles were reversed, the wife would ask for alimony and not blink an eye at an award.”

But if guys are too afraid, embarrassed, or ashamed to petition for spousal support then do not be surprised if that “97 percent of alimony payers are men” figure remains that lopsided in the coming years.

Read Mr. Cordell’s full Huffington Post column, “Why Don’t More Men Ask For Alimony?”

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