Divorce has an association with nasty fights and vicious back-stabbing, but not every break-up goes down in this manner. Business First reports that collaborative divorces are growing in popularity.

According to the news source, these cases involve each spouse obtaining a divorce lawyer but both parties pledge not to go to court.

Collaborative divorces are gaining momentum for a number of reasons. The Newton Patch argued that one of the top advantages to these divorces is privacy. Divorce files are considered public record, and information about investments, debt, age, health status, income and children is often divulged during each case. Collaborative divorces allow couples to sort through these issues solely with each other and two lawyers.

The Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois states that there are many other advantages to this approach to divorce. For example, stress, animosity and bad feelings are typically reduced, effective communication is encouraged and decision-making is left in the hands of the ex-spouses instead of the courts. In addition, collaborative divorces can be beneficial for couples with children, as kids often feel less caught in the middle of the proceedings.

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