Rebecca DeVincent

Associate Attorney

Fairfax divorce lawyer Rebecca DeVincent From an early age, Arlington divorce lawyer Rebecca DeVincent knew she wanted to find a way to give back to her community and help other people. It was how she was raised, coming from a family where many of her family members served others in the health and military fields.

In Ms. DeVincent’s third year of law school, she was selected to serve as a student attorney with the West Virginia University College of Law Child & Family Advocacy Clinic, which focuses on family and medical related issues. That’s when she started to find her calling.

“That experience definitely sparked my passion for family law because it gave me an avenue to use my education and skills to focus on helping families during such difficult times in their lives,” Ms. DeVincent said.

Ms. DeVincent takes great pride in her preparedness, and along with that comes making sure each of her clients knows what to expect during each stage of their family law case.

“I believe honesty and knowledge of the process makes going through such a stressful process a little bit easier,” she said.

In divorce, families are irrevocably changed, and there is never a cookie-cutter solution. Ms. DeVincent’s goal with each case is to ensure that her client gets the best-case scenario for their family.

To achieve that scenario, Ms. DeVincent encourages each of her clients to be as honest and forthcoming from the outset of their case.

“Because of that, a client needs to be prepared to give me all of the information necessary to be the best advocate for them,” Ms. DeVincent said. “Sometimes, what a client thinks is a small and insignificant fact can actually make a huge difference to their case.”

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. DeVincent is licensed in Virginia and the District of Columbia.


Ms. DeVincent received her Juris Doctor from West Virginia University College of Law and her Bachelor or Arts from West Virginia University.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Ms. DeVincent worked for a small law firm in Fairfax, Va., and focused exclusively in family law.


Ms. DeVincent is a member of the Fairfax Bar Association and the Virginia State Bar.

Speeches, Seminars, & Publications

Ms. DeVincent frequently contributes video content and responses to Ask a Lawyer questions for

Ms. DeVincent was quoted in an article on explaining what to do when an ex-spouse manages to steal rewards points from purchases made with credit cards.



“She has done very good. We have had some items come up where she’s helped me deal with them. It has been nothing but the best experience on my end so far. I originally was not going to use an attorney, but my wife then hired one and I heard the ads on the radio and thought that Cordell & Cordell sounded great. Granted, I had to wait a bit until your Virginia office got started, but [I am] very glad that I did and it’s been worth the wait. It’s been a difficult time in my life, and Rebecca and the team have made it easier. …”



“You know, I have had a very positive experience with Rebecca so far. Rebecca is a good listener and seems to care about my case. … I feel [she] will fight for me. The communication is good, and she and I are always on the same page. … I’m happy I have Rebecca on my case.”


“Rebecca is a very compassionate, thoughtful attorney. I am very happy with her work on my case. I think your firm does a good job at checking in, too. …”


“I have been so happy with Becky that I have given her name to a friend of mine. Becky keeps me up to date on all the developments on my case. … Thanks!”


“Becky is an excellent attorney who is knowledgeable, compassionate and responsive. I really appreciate the extra benefits through the firm, such as regular newsletters and informational pieces that explain common concerns for men in divorce. As well as the opportunity to submit feedback via the periodic surveys. The connection with clients is very helpful during otherwise stressful times.”


“I am blown away by Rebecca. … Rebecca is extremely professional and perhaps the top listener I’ve met in my life. If we go off on a tangent, she gets me right back onto the topic or purpose of the call.  … I have two cases going on right now and she’s busting her tail-end making stuff happen. She handles her affairs and stress efficiently and effectively. She and [her legal administrative assistant] always get back to me; they work in tandem and are NO JOKE. They have a great team going.”


“Rebecca did a great job keeping me informed and keeping communication open. She wasn’t too aggressive. It was a good fit.”


“The girl is no joke! She always tells me who I need to be in contact with and keeps me updated. Communication is the most important thing, and she goes above and beyond. I may get fired up, but she always brings me down to earth. She’s very grounded. …”