Memphis Fathers’ Rights

Memphis, Tennessee fathers’ rights received a huge boost in June 2011 when Gov. Bill Haslam signed a bill requiring judges to consider how to maximize both parents’ involvement in their child’s life when making custody decisions.

This victory for dads’ rights will likely lead to increased visitation for divorced dads and more 50-50 child custody determinations.

The original bill was a compromise to plans advocated by fathers’ rights groups who hoped judges would divide child custody 50-50 in cases where there is no evidence that it would be harmful for a child. Though the 50-50 presumption is not yet on the books, dads’ rights supporters can be proud that the state is now requiring family courts to maximize the father’s role in his child’s life post-divorce.

This law only applies to new child custody orders so those dads living under current unfair custody orders will have to prove substantial and continuing changes of circumstances in order to modify custody.

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