Lucero De Paz

Associate Attorney

Attorney Lucero De Paz was driven to a career in family law through personal experience.

“I’m a child of divorce, so I know firsthand what families are experiencing when they go through this,” she says. “My personal experience led me to want to help others navigate this difficult process and help clients make decisions that are in everyone’s best interest.”

Ms. De Paz uses her personal experience for the benefit of her clients.

“I care about your case as much as you do,” she says. “It is hard to trust a complete stranger with something so intimate and personal, but this is my job, and as difficult as it is, I love what I do.”

Ms. De Paz is calm under stress, helping her provide her clients with a careful, guiding hand through the divorce process.

“I have the ability to see both sides of an issue and help clients rationalize their decisions at a time when emotions are high,” she says. “Family law brings out lots of good and bad feelings from everyone involved, and it is my job to help counsel my clients and give them realistic expectations while achieving the best possible scenario.”