Kamryn Caldwell

Senior Litigation Attorney

Fort Worth divorce attorney Kamryn Caldwell is particularly drawn to family law because it gives her the privilege of working hand-in-hand with her clients, helping them to navigate one of the most difficult experiences in their lives.

“Seeing them come out on the other side with dignity and confidence is one of my life’s greatest rewards,” Ms. Caldwell said.

Ms. Caldwell is candid and tells her clients what they need to know, even if it is not what they want to hear. She is also a fierce advocate. While she cannot change past facts, she is dedicated to advising her clients as they proceed forward so they are in the best possible position when they enter the courtroom.

“I truly care about each client’s case, and I am grateful for the trust my client’s places in me,” she said. “I understand that sharing delicate details of your life with an attorney you’ve never met can be uncomfortable, but nothing my clients tell me will shock me, and they are always in a safe space with me.”

She encourages her clients to share all “skeletons,” so she can prepare to work around and diffuse any adverse facts to the best of her ability. She knows that if she walks into the courtroom with a client who withheld any facts harmful to the case, the opposing party will utilize it against her and that can result in a negative outcome.

“The key takeaway is, the trust between attorney and client is a two-way street,” she said. “A client must be upfront and candid with the attorney – sharing all pertinent facts – so the attorney can properly prepare the case to mitigate the effect of any adverse facts and reach the best possible outcome for the client.”