Cassidy Millard

Associate Attorney

San Antonio divorce attorney Cassidy Millard developed her passion for family law after having both of her children during law school and while preparing for the bar exam. Once she had children of her own, she knew she’d do anything to protect them.

“I want to do the same for families going through a time of major transition and trauma,” Mrs. Millard said.

Mrs. Millard’s background in psychology helps her understand and empathize with her clients. She feels it is important for her clients to understand that she is not here to judge them.

“Everyone has a story and it is my job to listen and guide them through the divorce process,” she said. “My goal is always to make sure we are fighting for what is in the best interest of the children in custody cases, which means fighting against the stereotype that the children’s mother is always what is best. We represent some really great dads and I want to help them achieve their custody goals.”

The divorce process can bring up a lot of different emotions. It is Mrs. Millard’s aim to help her clients feel heard while keeping them grounded.

“I will remind them of their goals and how to achieve them,” she said. “I will always give my clients the honest truth about their case, what to expect, and how we can get through this process as a team.”