Cordell Cordell Reviews: Massachusetts


5 Stars

“Andy really did a fine job. I wasn’t a typical client as this was really more advisory than litigation, but all things considered, it went very well. Andy and I worked together very well.”

— Anonymous
5 Stars

“Either Andy himself or his paralegal have always gotten back to me quickly. They are very responsive. … I have a general feeling of pleasure so far. Andy is doing a great job!”

— Brian
5 Stars

“Dana is great! She seems like she definitely wants to help and get the most she can for me. I don’t have to bring things up to her, she’s spontaneous and aggressive. Dana is tenacious! She really knows her stuff. She is not only knowledgeable in family law, but criminal law as well. This has been very helpful considering the issues with Opposing Party’s background. I’m very impressed with that. I appreciate everything Dana brings to the table!”

— Stanley
5 Stars

“Dana has done a great job on advising me and helping me understand the law and my options. She’s taken a ton of stress off of me. Dana has a very professional, humanistic manner about. her. I’ve never been through a divorce, and I appreciate everything she’s done for me to get me through this.”

— J.P.G.
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