St. Louis Business JournalCordell & Cordell CEO, Executive/Managing Partner Scott Trout was recently quoted in an article appearing in the St. Louis Business Journal regarding the recent divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates.

In the article, Mr. Trout details the four things he will be watching in the proceedings: whether the couple has premarital or postmarital agreements, what there separate or community property interests are, who is awarded control of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and how the couple’s assets are divided.

As high stakes as the divorce is, Mr. Trout speculated that the case might be surprisingly straightforward.

“The fact they have presumably agreed to the disposition of these issues stunningly removes what would have likely been an acrimonious proceeding with difficult property valuations,” Mr. Trout said. “However, we should be cautious to assume all is resolved until the court reviews any such agreement. With $130 billion in assets, I think a court won’t have an issue determining a fair and equitable distribution if it is anywhere near a proportional division.”