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Cordell & Cordell To Continue Free Weekly Webinars Covering COVID-19 And Divorce

Coronavirus divorce webinarGoing through a divorce while facing the coronavirus pandemic is having major implications on uncertain circumstances involved in divorce, such as custody, alimony, and child support. That’s why Cordell & Cordell will now be hosting free weekly live webinars on Thursdays beginning at 1 p.m. CT, to answer questions about the coronavirus and its impact on family law issues.

Cordell & Cordell held its first coronavirus family law and divorce live webinar on Thursday, March 26.

 “We’ve already scheduled more than 1,028 new initial consults in the past two weeks alone,” said Scott C. Trout, Executive/Managing Partner, CEO, Cordell & Cordell, which has built its reputation by helping men and fathers through challenging times. “Our goal by offering live weekly webinars is to continue educating men so that they can make informed decisions that will keep them and their families safe.”

Registration for the next installment of the “Can the Coronavirus Affect Custodial Rights? How Divorces and Parenting Time May Be Impacted” live webinar series can be completed by filling out the registration form below.

Cordell & Cordell’s first episode of the live webinar series drew more than 1,900 registrations and was hosted by a panel of six Cordell & Cordell divorce attorneys from around the country who answered questions about how COVID-19 is impacting divorce. Based on the number of participants, more than 18 days-worth of viewing time was generated.

The webinar covered a range of topics relevant to divorced fathers such as:

  • Practical tips to ensure the safety and well-being of your children.

  • Child custody issues such as how to arrange custody exchanges while quarantined.

  • The financial fallout of COVID-19 such as what to do if you can no longer afford alimony or child support.

  • How to proceed with your divorce if family courts are closed due to the virus.

For those who didn’t get an opportunity to register for the inaugural webinar, it can be viewed in its entirety by clicking here.

The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to create a spike in U.S. divorces in the near future. Additionally, the ongoing crisis has created a pressure-cooker situation for a lot of marriages: Couples are quarantined at home in close quarters, anxiety is running high and financial stress due to the unstable economy is ratcheting up tension.

During the last several weeks, the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has dramatically impacted lives across the United States and the world. It is difficult to truly predict what lies ahead, and that uncertainty is magnified for individuals who are going through a divorce.

“We are receiving numerous calls every day from worried dads, and their main questions center on parenting plans and custody arrangements as it relates to quarantine issues,” says Trout. “However, there are a multitude of other areas that the coronavirus can affect. And it’s not just how the pandemic has an influence on divorce activities right now, but what circumstances it will create and how it will be a challenge once the virus is no longer around.”

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