financial advisor magazineIn his most recent column for Financial Advisor Magazine, Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joe Cordell explains how financial advisors can help clients prepare for a divorce. 

“Not only can your financial advisor help provide you with your first realistic glimpse into what lies ahead for your financial future, but they can help establish a framework for what issues are likely to arise when it comes to separating your assets,” Mr. Cordell wrote.

Mr. Cordell also explained how it can be helpful to meet with a financial advisor even if you are unsure you want to go through with a divorce so you have a better grasp of the financial challenges you are likely to face during the process.

“This can be a particularly useful initial meeting since the financial advisor has a more personal relationship with their client that has likely developed over many years, whereas the divorce attorneys you meet with have little knowledge of your background,” Mr. Cordell said.

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