Cordell Cordell Barry SandersCordell & Cordell is thrilled to announce its partnership with Barry Sanders as the firm’s new celebrity spokesperson.

Mr. Sanders, who rushed for over 15,000 yards in his 10-year career with the Detroit Lions, recently traveled to St. Louis and met with several Cordell & Cordell clients, attorneys and the firm’s partners to discuss ways he can help advance Cordell & Cordell’s mission of protecting men’s rights before, during and after divorce. 

Several years ago, Mr. Sanders experienced the pain of divorce himself. Although his Hall-of-Fame football career earned him notoriety and certain off-field privileges, that didn’t shield him from the fears and uncertainty that comes with divorce.

Like every guy who goes through divorce, Mr. Sanders was concerned about protecting his assets. More than that, he worried about the role he would have in his children’s lives after the divorce was finalized. Barry Sanders Cordell Cordell

Mr. Sanders met with Cordell & Cordell’s clients to gain a better understanding of the dilemmas they face throughout the divorce process. And by speaking with the attorneys who work for Cordell & Cordell, he saw the passion they have for fighting to protect men’s right despite a system that so often puts them at a disadvantage.

In early January, a series of Cordell & Cordell radio ads featuring Mr. Sanders will begin airing in many markets nationwide. Cordell & Cordell is proud to work with someone of Mr. Sanders’ esteem and looks forward to collaborating with him in the future.

Click here to view more photos of Mr. Sanders meeting with Cordell & Cordell.

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