With many of the nation’s top divorce lawyers citing an increase in the number of women ordered to pay alimony (often referred to as “man-imony”), Business Insider asked Cordell & Cordell CEO Joseph Cordell to confirm the trend through a survey of the firm’s 145 family law attorneys located in 24 states.

Cordell & Cordell attorneys affirmed that the trend is not a fluke; more women are being saddled with alimony and child support payments that have long been considered almost guaranteed to be ordered to the father in divorce cases.

“This is a glacial but positive movement on the part of judges to be more gender blind in divorce court,” Mr. Cordell told Business Insider.

It’s also a sign that women are finding more success on their career paths and are now becoming more responsible for financial obligations to the family.

However, there is still progress to be made, according to Mr. Cordell.

“One thing I heard back from our divorce lawyers was while we consider it cause for celebration … judges are still tight-fisted when they’re pulling money out of the wife’s hands for the husband’s support,” he said. “There’s still not symmetry there.”

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