Carole Crist, the wife of the former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, has been sued by her ex-husband over child support, both in the emotional and financial form, The Daily Mail reported.

Crist left her husband Todd Rome in 2007, and quickly began dating the then-governor. The former couple was to share custody of their two daughters following the split, according to the news source.

Although a lack of financial child support from Carole Crist was an issue with Todd Rome, he was more upset by the lack of communication that his ex-wife has had with the girls. He noted that she allegedly refused to attend their birthdays, graduation or visit them at summer camp, reported the Daily Mail.

Though Rome has noted that she could provide more in the way of child support payments, he simply wanted her to spend time with her daughters. He lives with the two girls in New York, and said that Crist, who operates her own company, could make more of an effort both in a personal and fiscal sense, according to the New York Post.

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