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We offer phone and online scheduling. Initial consultations last one hour and provide an opportunity to address your specific questions and goals with an attorney.

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Cordell & Cordell Family Law Practice Areas

Child Custody

Cordell & Cordell family attorneys fight to maintain and maximize your role in your children’s lives.

Child Support

Our attorneys work to preserve your financial interests and the interests of your children.

Collaborative Divorce and Mediation

Collaborative divorce and mediation enable couples to dissolve their relationship in a flexible manner that avoids going to court altogether.

Contempt Proceedings

Held when there has been a violation of a court order.


Our family law attorneys work with you to outline your divorce goals and prepare you for your case.

Legal Separation

A court process designed to define the rights and obligations between spouses who are living apart while still legally married.

Military Family Law

When a couple decides to end their marriage while one spouse is serving in the military, divorce tends to get more complicated.

Modification of Decrees

If you find yourself earning less income, or your ex has a larger earning potential, we can help you file a modification to adjust past decrees.

Declaration of Paternity

Ensure you receive all your paternity rights by filing for a declaration of paternity.

Asset Division and Property Division

The process of dividing assets during divorce and determining who gets what.

Protection Order

An order used by the court to protect against a situation involving alleged domestic violence, harassment, stalking, or sexual assault.

Prenuptial Agreements

Done right, these agreements allow couples to plan their future with more security.

Spousal Support, Spousal Maintenance and Alimony

Money paid to your ex to maintain a standard of living they were used to during your marriage.

Client Testimonials


5 Stars

“[My attorney] is by far the best attorney your firm has. I am very pleased with everything he is and has done for me. … As a firm you are very well known for a reason, and I have already told friends and family about you all.”

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William B.

5 Stars

“I am 100% satisfied with the service I am receiving from Jonathan. He is great counsel and has really helped me with everything through what is a challenging and difficult time. He is absolutely fantastic. …”

Doug R.

5 Stars

“I have used Jonathan in the past for my divorce. This is a modification of that, and Jonathan has treated me the exact same way as he did before. He is very professional, knowledgeable, personable and all-around helpful. That’s why I came back to you guys. “

William B.

5 Stars

“Jonathan Winn was a fantastic attorney. … Jonathan’s consistent follow up and advice to me was invaluable. I felt everything was done exceptionally well.”


5 Stars

“When all of this started, a good friend of mine told me to trust in my attorney. I admit at first I was skeptical [for] having never dealt with divorce before, but I am very glad I did. Jonathan couldn’t have been any better. He really kept me at ease and helped me stay focused throughout the case. … I honestly could not be happier.”

Doug R.

5 Stars

“… This was my second time working with Jonathan Winn. The first was a divorce and the second was fighting a ridiculous contempt filing which was totally unnecessary, and it proved to be exactly that. Both times Jonathan always had me lined up, organized and on track with every phase. I left his care both times extremely satisfied and thankful. The last deposition … ended very favorably once again for me. Based on the legal wording in this final document, I won’t have a need for Jonathan again as my ex can never again challenge the decree. Overall grades for Jonathan are fives all away across the board. We’ve developed a personal relationship as well, which is always a very good sign as to how things went.

Brian G.

5 Stars

“I’ve used Jonathan in the past.  He’s very sharp and knows what he’s doing.  I would definitely use him again if needed.”


5 Stars

“I can not say enough good about Jonathan Winn … Jonathan has saved me thousands of dollars and advised me of situations that will have [an] impact on my life for many years to come.   If I had to go to battle with anyone I would certainly choose Jonathan Winn every day of the week. Seriously, there isn’t enough good that I could say about Jonathan. At the end of the day I would consider Jonathan to be more than my attorney; I would consider him to be my friend.”

Lucas J.

5 Stars

“I have already referred the firm.  My brother and sister are actually using you guys now.  It sucks to have to go through this, but I’ve been able to have Jonathan take care of things again, and [I’m] glad he’s there for me.”

Gunther L.

5 Stars

“He always made sure to answer all of my questions as soon as he was available, if not right away. I received updates very often. Jonathan made sure to walk me through every step and advised me to the right path towards my goals. … The office staff are very kind and helpful. I am very pleased with this firm and my attorney, Jonathan Winn. He tried everything in his power to help me with my goals during this journey. I am very thankful to him and this firm.”


5 Stars

“Honestly, I’ve gone through the family court system a couple times, and by far he has made it very simple and easy for me. [Jonathan] handled everything and saved me a lot of unnecessary confrontations. He knew his stuff and expedited the procedure. He charges more hourly, but he saved me in the long run because he spent way less time doing things and everything was done right.”


5 Stars

“He did a superb job. He’s very knowledgeable. His advice is right on and he knows what he is doing. Very efficient. He tells me the way it is so there’s no unreasonable expectations. He tells me what can and can’t be done. He was great.”

Jonathan T.

5 Stars

“[My attorney]  is great. We love that he has our best interest at heart. He’s a bull dog! He’s phenomenal! He’s in the perfect line of work!”

Greg S.

5 Stars

“​Everything is going really good, they are really helpful and have helped me  out a bunch. Both with the case and with my mental stability as this is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, they just seem to be really caring people.​​​”

Neal B.

5 Stars

“​[My attorney] was not only very professional but very friendly and supportive during this stressful time. I was very happy with all of his hard work and help.​”

David L.

5 Stars

“Jonathan was so professional and so precise, and it was incredible to watch and be apart of. Jonathan is astounding and the best, and it meant the world to me because it saved my life.”


5 Stars

“​Likes that others help on the matter to keep the costs down.  I truly feel like I have a team working for me.”


5 Stars

Robert is fantastic to work with. He made me feel confident and really walked me through this process.

M. H.

5 Stars

(My attorney) is awesome and very educated.


5 Stars

Robert is fantastic to work with. He made me feel confident and really walked me through this process.


5 Stars

Richard is awesome and very educated.


5 Stars

​”I feel like Bradley has taken exceptionally good care to respond to me and explain the situation to me and is making me feel like he is exercising the best options possible on my behalf. I feel like his experience is clear in our conversations and proceedings. Bradley is not only very responsive to me but also is never the one holding the case up and is equally responsive to all matters (opposing counsel, appearances, document filings, etc.). I do feel like I have the best team representing me. Thank you!” – CK

* Rating based on internal client satisfaction surveys. Review Policy.

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