Robert Hanks

Senior Litigation Attorney

Clearfield divorce attorney Robert Hanks is passionate about helping people. That is why a career in family law is ideal for him as he can assist individuals through one of life’s toughest challenges.

“My experience representing DCFS, ORS, and the state of Utah give me unique insight into family law cases where many of these issues cross over,” Mr. Hanks said. “I am able to give my clients guidance and help that many other attorneys are not able to offer.”

Mr. Hanks can analyze complex fact patters and can identify the legal issues that are sometimes obscured by chaos. His focus throughout the entire process is on maintaining sound strategy.

“Litigation is similar to chess in that in order to be successful, an attorney needs the ability to think several moves ahead to plan a winning strategy,” he said. “Like chess, you will lose some pieces or certain battles along the way, but that those isolated losses can and will be used to win in the end.”

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