Linda L. Ellison

Senior Litigation Attorney

Albuquerque divorce attorney Linda L. Ellison has a strong desire to help people and believes family law is a natural fit to do that.

“People who have family law issues are going through an intensely emotional time and need someone to help guide them through that process by giving them sound legal and practical guidance while helping them craft workable solutions based on their goals,” Ms. Ellison said.

Ms. Ellison has a tremendous amount of compassion for people going through the emotional and financial turmoil, uncertainty, and fear that are inherent in the legal system. She understands the process is not quick and that litigation takes time, energy, and money.

“How long it takes, how much of your energy you have to invest, and the amount of money you pay are all linked to how many issues you and the other side can resolve without court and how much you need the court to resolve,” she said. “I am here to help you through every step of the process as we discuss your options, possible outcomes, and plan for the future.”