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Cordell & Cordell Opens New Office In Springfield, Ill.

Cordell & Cordell recently announced the opening of a new office in Springfield, Ill. The opening marks the sixth new office the firm has opened in 2017 as its expansion continues in an effort to guide men and fathers across the U.S. through the divorce process.  [Read more…]

Joe Cordell Explains On KTRS Why Marriage, Divorce Rates Are Down

Joseph CordellGuys need to recognize that marriage is the most important financial decision they will make in their lives, and the second most important financial decision is deciding to get a divorce, Cordell & Cordell co-founder Joseph Cordell said on “The McGraw Show” on KTRS Radio in St. Louis.

Cordell was invited on the show by host McGraw Milhaven to discuss why both marriage rates and divorce rates are down.

“The economy is certainly affecting the number of people getting divorced,” Cordell said. “Many divorces are entirely discretionary purchases. In other words it’s not that they can’t co-exist but one of the parties sees a better deal coming along. In my experience, it’s typically women in their 30s who are looking to trade up and they are the ones who initiate divorces.”

Listen to the full interview below:

Belleville News-Democrat Features Cordell & Cordell Asset Protection

The Belleville News-Democrat took the launch of Cordell & Cordell’s new asset protection services as an opportunity to feature the country’s largest domestic litigation law firm.

With more than 20 years of service exclusively representing men in family law matter, Cordell & Cordell is looking to further assist guys going through divorce by offering affordable, effective asset protection.

Cordell told the newspaper that the move is a natural direction for the firm to take to further enhance its services.

“Then, we can help those and it gives us opportunities to become more involved with these guys’ lives in advance of litigation and have time to plan to eliminate or mitigate those threats,” Cordell said. “It greatly diminishes the risk.”

Belleville Divorce Lawyer Richard Coffee stressed the importance of proactively protecting your property.

“Unfortunately, legal planning is not one of the things people want to put on that list of things to do, unlike medical or financial planning, which has immediate benefits or some clear consequences,” Coffee told the newspaper. “Legal plans gets pushed aside until something comes up, and often it is too late to do something.”

The firm is currently only offering asset protection in the St. Louis market.

Chicago Congressman claims verbal child support deal with wife

U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) has said that he didn’t pay child support to his ex-wife because he had reached a “verbal agreement” with the woman three years ago, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Laura Walsh had claimed that her ex-husband owed her money for child support payments and interest, and took the case to court despite attempts by the politician to strike a deal, according to the newspaper.

Walsh claimed that he didn’t have any money during the time of his campaign, and due to the significant earnings that his wife was receiving, they had entered into a verbal agreement about the child support payments.

“He reasonably relied on Laura’s representations and conduct, to his detriment,” the court filing says about the attempt by Walsh to avoid making the verbal agreement official.

Walsh claimed that both parties were tired of making court appearances and a verbal agreement would alleviate some of the stress of the process.

The Associated Press reported that Walsh pays more than $2,000 a month in child support.

DNA test ordered in Illinois child support case

A judge in Illinois ordered a DNA test regarding a boy involved in a child support challenge. The Madison St. Clair Record reports that Gerald Krug has filed a lawsuit seeking reimbursement for child support that must be paid for a child that he believes is not his. Madison County Associate Judge Dean Sweet ordered the DNA test to get to the bottom of the issue.

Krug filed the lawsuit against Anita Dawn Bogle and David Lofink. Bogle and Krug were married in 1984, divorced in 1993, remarried in 1994 and divorced again in 1999. Throughout the couple’s history, Krug allegedly believed that the sexual relationship between them was monogamous, even when they were no longer married.

After their second divorce, the court ordered Krug to pay child support for the couple’s three children. However, in December 2007, Krug claims that Bogle told him he was not the father of the third child and that the father was actually Lofink. Despite the claims, Krug argues that Bogle has refused a court-approved DNA test.

The test ordered by Judge Sweet will be paid for by Krug.

According to the Reporter of Vacaville, California, paternity tests can not only make child support payments more clear, but the tests give the children needed information.