Krista Jones-May

Litigation Attorney

Belleville divorce attorney Krista Jones-May enjoys practicing family law because she is able to form a personal connection with her clients.

“No matter what types of issues are pending in a family law case, it is never boring,” Ms. Jones-May said. “Helping people transition through one of the most difficult times in their lives is rewarding in many ways.”

Ms. Jones-May engages both her social work and legal skill sets to provide clients with as much of a holistic legal experience as possible.

“I make a real effort to strike a balance between validating the feelings of my clients while still adequately explaining the outcomes that are possible through the law,” she said.

No matter the type of case, Jones-May knows her client is faced with difficulties. Even cases that are resolved quickly are challenging for many to process.

“Many aspects of your life are going to be changing and adapting to that is going to be a little difficult,” she said. “It is OK to feel like you are struggling through this process. I am here to listen to the ways it is impacting your life and try to help find good legal outcomes that will make adapting a little bit easier.”