Lelan C. Kirk

Senior Litigation Attorney

Fort Worth divorce attorney Lelan C. Kirk believes the family unit is the most important and powerful aspect of an individual’s life as they grow, learn, and develop throughout life.

“It is imperative that we create strong, healthy, and functional family units,” Mr. Kirk said. “When family units are forced apart, it is imperative that we structure and create insightful solutions so that the family unit can continue to function.”

Mr. Kirk values honesty and transparency. He understands the importance of ensuring that the client understands the strategy of the case and the likelihood of success.

“Furthermore, I think it is important to be realistic and honest with the opposing side regarding their expectations of the results and the stance of either side,” he said.

The divorce process is stressful and you’ll likely have to make some very difficult decisions. However, Mr. Kirk reassures his clients that he will prepare them to make these decisions and consults with them so they’re comfortable before they make any decision.

“I reassure them that I represent their interest with every decision, discussion, and strategy that we employ,” he said. “My absolute goal is to make the client happy and comfortable with my representation regardless of the result.”