Pittsburgh Post-Gazette A recent article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette highlighted the history of Cordell & Cordell in representing men and fathers in divorce and explained why there is such a need for law firms to focus on protecting men’s rights.

The story detailed the divorce case of Don Morchesky, whose split from his wife began in 2010 and lasted for seven years. He chose Cordell & Cordell to represent him because of the firm’s focus on helping men.

“There’s two sides to every story,” Mr. Morchesky said. “And you would think that if somebody picks just one side and specializes in that side, they gain experience and knowledge from that one side. They know what has worked in the past and what hasn’t.”

Cordell & Cordell started out serving the Christian community, but shifted its focus as the firm’s founder, Joe Cordell, noticed that 80 percent of the practice’s work involved domestic issues. After one particularly memorable case, in which a father lost custody of his kids to his wife who had a severe drinking problem, Mr. Cordell realized the need to focus on the needs of men.

“I felt like from that moment on, I was on a crusade, not just for dads but for kids,” Mr. Cordell said. “I really developed a passion for that side of the table and became good at it, quite frankly. I felt like there was much more need for good representation for men.”

Although Cordell & Cordell’s focus is on representing men, the firm still receives a good number of female clients.

“We usually get women clients for a variety of reasons,” said Courtney Knox, a Regional Partner who manages Cordell & Cordell’s Pittsburgh office. “Sometimes they are direct referrals from our current clients. Sometimes they are direct referrals to our attorneys. Sometimes women want an attorney who will think like their spouse’s attorney.”

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