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How Do I Utilize Mediation During Divorce? – Men’s Divorce Podcast

On the latest episode of Cordell & Cordell’s podcast series about divorce during COVID-19, CEO, Managing/Executive Partner Scott Trout and Litigation Attorney Claire Costantino break down how formal or informal mediation can be a beneficial tactic during the divorce process.

Mediation is a practical avenue for rational negotiations during an emotionally volatile experience. Before mediation, it is vital to understand your goals and communicate them with your attorney, in order to find a amicable solution.

Cordell & Cordell continues to produce weekly webinars and virtual town halls and daily podcasts answering your questions and addressing your concerns about how the virus is impacting family law. You can find all past webinars and podcasts on Cordell & Cordell’s COVID-19 and Divorce Information Hub.

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What is Divorce Mediation and Should I Consider It?

divorce mediationIf you are going through a divorce, it highly is likely that you will encounter divorce mediation at some point. Whether your spouse approaches you early on about going to a divorce mediator or your attorney presents it to you once the litigation has commenced, it is very common and can be an effective way to resolve your case.


Dealing With Closed Divorce Courts & Remote Hearings – Men’s Divorce Podcast

The latest episode of Cordell & Cordell’s podcast series on divorce during COVID-19 features a conversation between CEO/Managing Partner Scott Trout and divorce attorney Ashley Duffy about how to proceed with divorce when family courts are closed due to stay-at-home orders.


Taking Advantage of Mediation

Men's Divorce PodcastCordell & Cordell Managing Partner/CEO Scott Trout is joined by Cordell & Cordell attorneys Tammy Repaso and William Halaz to discuss the ins and outs of mediation and how it can be beneficial to your case.
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Video: Cordell & Cordell News – April 17, 2015

Cordell & Cordell, along with its sponsored sites Dads Divorce and Men’s Divorce, presents a news video for the week of April 17, 2015.

This week, Cordell & Cordell opened a new office in Hendersonville, Tenn. The office, which is the firm’s fifth in Tennessee and 13th new office in 2015, is part of Cordell & Cordell’s continuing expansion to broaden opportunities for divorcing dads to gain information and counsel.

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