Celebrity Divorce Part II: Things Guys Can Learn | Cordell & Cordell

Celebrity Divorce Part II: Things Guys Can Learn

Cordell & Cordell’s latest virtual town hall discusses the recent divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates and how the lessons from that breakup and other celebrity splits can potentially be applied to your own case.

Cordell & Cordell CEO and moderator Scott Trout chats with divorce attorneys Ryan Claxton and Christina Wilford about the differences and similarities between high asset and regular divorce cases. They discuss high asset property division and how that can impact claims for alimony, the ways the court typically handles infidelity, and why prenuptial agreements are often a good idea when entering a marriage.

Cordell & Cordell is continuing to host monthly town halls to help answer the most pressing issues men face during divorce. Be sure to register for the next session in June. A recording of the town hall will be emailed to all registrants so you can still watch if unable to attend live.

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