Men's Health MagazineCordell & Cordell CEO/Managing Partner Scott C. Trout was recently interviewed in an article appearing in Men’s Health Magazine about the ways to have a seamless divorce.

In the article titled “How to Have the Best Divorce Possible, According to Experts,” Mr. Trout answered several frequently asked questions about the divorce process, including how long the process takes, how much divorce costs, and how a court decides child custody.

Mr. Trout stressed the importance of cooperation and compromise during the process to ease the financial burden and emotional pain of the divorce process.

“Litigation is expensive,” Mr. Trout said. “Spouses need to work together to resolve various issues to avoid massive legal fees from piling up, as attorneys will b e racking up hours in preparation for trail.”

Mr. Trout also reviewed some of the common mistakes guys make during divorce, including moving out before the divorce is final.

“In custody contests, the continued daily interaction with your children and intimate awareness of the details of their day is key,” Mr. Trout said.

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