Omaha Divorce Attorney Jerrad Ahrens Discusses Bill Regarding Protection Orders

Omaha Divorce Attorney Jerrad Ahrens Discusses Bill Regarding Protection Orders

Associated PressCordell & Cordell family law attorney Jerrad R. Ahrens recently was quoted in an Associated Press article regarding a bill being introduced in Nebraska that would clarify the state’s law on protection orders.

If passed, the new law would require at least an initial hearing for anyone applying for a protection order. The hope is that this would help ensure those facing the threat of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and harassment receive the protection they need.

In the article, Mr. Ahrens, who is a Practice Manager in the firm’s Omaha office, speculates that judges might be denying protection orders outright if the applications do not meet the state’s guidelines. In Nebraska, applications must show attempts to cause bodily harm or a credible threat that places a person in fear of bodily injury.

Protection orders are just one family law practice area Cordell & Cordell can assist with. In addition to walking you through the process of applying for an order of protection, Cordell & Cordell men’s divorce attorneys can assist when the opposing party is abusing a protection order.

For help with any divorce or family law issue, contact a Cordell & Cordell divorce lawyer.

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