Indiana child support

Cordell & Cordell Indianapolis divorce attorney Rex Padgett recently was quoted in a story published by The Indiana Lawyer regarding changes being proposed to Indiana’s child support guidelines.

Every four years, the state’s child support guidelines are reviewed in accordance with federal law. After gathering hundreds of comments and listening to stories from individuals about their experiences in Indiana’s child support system, the Domestic Relations Committee of the Judicial Conference of Indiana suggested revisions to the Indiana Child Support Rules and Guidelines.

Attorneys, including Mr. Padgett, described the proposals as tweaks to help align the courts with the ongoing evolution of family structures.

Mr. Padgett applauded the committee’s proposal to insert a sentence reflecting a statute placing limits on how courts calculate child support when a parent is incarcerated, but he noted that the language says “may” instead of “shall” and still requires the incarcerated parent to file for a modification of child support. Mr. Padgett said he would like to see something done automatically to help individuals avoid unnecessary child support debt when they are released.

“I don’t believe too many people are out there thinking, ‘I’m going to commit a crime so I don’t have to pay child support,’” he said.

Falling behind on child support is a huge problem for many fathers going through divorce. If you find yourself stuck with child support payments you cannot afford, it is a good idea to get in touch with a family law attorney as quickly as possible to see what legal remedies might be available to you. Sometimes, filing for a modification to your child support order can reduce the amount you are required to pay and can help you avoid arrears accumulating.

Click here to read the full article in The Indiana Lawyer.

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