Rex Padgett

Litigation Manager

Throughout his career, Indianapolis divorce attorney Rex Padgett has been in various roles in which people look to him for the answers, a confidant, trusted advisor, someone they can lean on. Family law is preciously that same scenario.

“It is one of the roughest patches someone will endure in their lives and they need to have a strong advocate in their corner,” Mr. Padgett said. “Each case is unique and bringing some solace to that person through this difficult time allows me to share in the process. Every person deserves a fighting chance.”

Mr. Padgett takes time to listen to the concerns of those he is assisting and is careful to explain how to handle the issues head-on.

“If you want an honest and fair assessment of your matter, you have come to the right person,” he said. “Not that other attorneys won’t tell you the truth, but clients do not deserve to have anything sugarcoated. You need to know upfront how things may or may not fare.

“If I had a crystal ball and could predict how the case would fare, I may be in a different line of work, but just like you didn’t expect to be in this position, I can only share my experience on what the judge has done in the past as well as what the law states. I work hard for all my clients to ensure they feel comfortable with the firm and myself through all aspects of litigation.”