KFABIn many legal circles, January is referred to as “divorce month” due to the annual spike in divorce filings that typically occur after the holidays. Cordell & Cordell Executive/Managing Partner, CEO Scott Trout recently appeared on 1110 KFAB-Omaha to discuss this phenomena as well as the influence social media now plays in modern divorces.

Mr. Trout said it is common for couples to delay divorce while they’re caught up in the holiday spirit.

“Once the clock strikes midnight on January 1, the real-life problems start piling up again and reality kicks in,” Mr. Trout said. “They realize it’s not going to work. They give it a go, but you see a huge increase in divorce rates starting in January and peaking into March.”

Online dating apps also see a spike in users in January, which Mr. Trout says isn’t surprising considering the enormous role social media plays in all kinds of relationships nowadays. Mr. Trout says he always recommends clients shut down their social accounts as they’re going through the divorce process because of the potential harm it can do to their case.

“Fifty-two percent of divorce attorneys are utilizing social media in their cases in trials,” he said. “Whether it be posts about bashing your ex or bragging about a job you claim you don’t have or vacations. There is just a treasure trove on social media.”

Click below to listen to the full interview.

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