AAA-CPACordell & Cordell Co-Founder and Principal Partner Joseph E. Cordell was recently elected as the American Academy of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants Missouri Chapter President. 

The AAA-CPA is the only organization comprised of individuals who are dually-qualified as both attorneys and certified public accountants. The organization provides its members with quality education, opportunities to network, and the professional resources to support and develop their practices. The organization is also committed to safeguarding the right of the public to access the unique expertise of its members.

Mr. Cordell earned his Bachelor of Science in accountancy from Oklahoma State University before earning his juris doctor from the University of Texas School of Law. He is a graduate of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy and hols a Missouri CPA license. An adjunct faculty member at Washington University School of Law, he is also a past president of the AAA-CPA.


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