WGOWCordell & Cordell Managing/Executive Partner, CEO Scott Trout appeared on the January 17 episode of The Brian Joyce Show on WGOW 102.3 FM-Chattanooga to discuss the reasons January is commonly referred to as “divorce month.”

For years, Mr. Trout explained, family law firms have seen a surge in the number of divorce filings in the first month of the year. Typically, the number of filings increases by about a third in January and there is also a huge uptick in online search traffic related to divorce.

Mr. Trout noted there are a number of reasons more people end up divorcing in January. Partially, he said, it can be explained by the disposition of those choosing to file.

“We have a group of individuals who are really holistic planners and they really plan out what their life is going to be and they try to give it one last shot at the end of the year,” he said. “They don’t want to be that parent who tells their kid at Christmastime or New Year’s that they’re going to file for divorce, but they are planners financially and they make sure it’s the right moment.”

Mr. Trout also explained Cordell & Cordell’s mission in helping men fight against gender stereotypes in family court.

“We’ve made great strides in family law in a number of areas,” he said. “But you continue to see problems with guys being frustrated with the stereotypical roles they’re supposed to play.”

Click here to listen to the full interview.

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