Split CornerCordell & Cordell CEO and Executive/Managing Partner Scott Trout recently shared his opinion on SplitCorner.com on how to find the best divorce lawyer.

Choosing an attorney is possibly the most important factor in the outcome of your divorce. With so many lawyers to choose from, researching which one is right for you can seem overwhelming.

Mr. Trout provided a checklist to run through when starting the search for a divorce attorney. His tips included making sure the attorney exclusively focuses on divorce and family law, choosing an attorney from the local jurisdiction, ensuring the attorney has courtroom experience, and picking someone you mesh with.

“How well you get along with your attorney can have a substantial impact on your case,” Mr. Trout said. “Try to find a lawyer whose personality and values you match with. That will make communicating easier and your attorney will likely perform better if he or she has a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish.”

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