logo-huffington-postThe scornful term of “deadbeat dads” has become increasingly popular in describing fathers who do not uphold their legal responsibility of supporting their children after divorce.

But Cordell & Cordell principal partner Joseph Cordell argues in his most recent Huffington Post column “The Myth of the ‘Deadbeat Dad’ Label” that most of the fathers lumped in as deadbeats are not dads unwilling to support their children — they are simply unable to afford the child support.

When 66 percent of all child support not paid by fathers is due to an inability to come up with the money, calling all the dads who miss payments “deadbeats” is painting with far too broad of a brush, Mr. Cordell writes.

“As someone who founded a men’s divorce law firm almost 25 years ago, I know most of these men are not bad people; they love their kids, they want what is best for their kids, they want to be there for their kids,” said Mr. Cordell.

Click the link to read the full article on “The Myth of the ‘Deadbeat Dad’ Label.”

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