Joseph CordellThough the terminology varies by state, orders of protection are uniformly known as “tactical nuclear weapons.”

With the ease of obtaining an emergency order of protection based on little to no evidence, women are increasingly using these orders as part of a beneficial legal strategy in divorce and child custody cases.

This according to Cordell & Cordell co-founder Joseph Cordell in his Huffington Post article “Orders of Protection: And Justice For All?

Cordell writes: “With a small statement, the accused (again, the man in about 85% of the cases) can be forced to stay out of the home, barred from parenting time, and prevented from any contact with his children, including through phone and email. In an instant, his house and kids can be taken away from him. In effect, the order becomes a de facto sole child custody order.”

Read the full Huffington Post article on how women are abusing these protective orders against men for strategic gains.

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